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Umm, hello

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Umm, hello

Post  WaveStream on Wed May 12, 2010 10:46 pm

Hello there I'm WaveStream

I don't really see a format so I'll go with what I can think of...
Current level 50 past halfway thankfully
Past Clan: Pure Heal
Favorite Mode: LS/tdm/tc/and............................ ctf <_<
In tc I like to heal on gates and to die a lot it seems
I've met death a couple times and wonton only b/c i recognized 2am lol
I like to use cannons and recs but am awful with melee
Attack boosters are op
Currently, I'm a student in college in the united states. my 3rd year just 1 more year to go...
I used to play the violin a long time ago
Guess that's all I can think of
Thanks, nice to meet you all

Random fact: i named Wavestreamers in the forum contest a while ago
Random fact 2: Sometimes I lag so badly I can't move for more than a minute at the start of a game q.q though my ping is usually 25~75

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